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QuickBayt is without a doubt the best fly control product on the market.  Fact is.... this stuff works and works fast.  Just spray around doors, windows, lights, fans, or any area that flies hang out.... sit back.... and watch them fall dead.

I was amazed at how this well QuickBayt works.  I am always skepitcal when new products hit the market... but QuickBayt is impressive!!

We use QuickBayt in the kennel as well as our back patio at the house.  If you are curious about the safety using it around pets.... (it is the same active ingredient as Advantage II topical flea preventative).


With the introduction of new QuickBayt ® Spot Spray from Bayer Animal Health, nearly any area can be transformed into a “fly-free” zone. QuickBayt Spot Spray provides po werful fly control where it is needed most, treating places conventional granular baits can’t reach. QuickBayt Spot Spray can be sprayed directly onto surfaces where flies tend to rest, both indoors and outdoors, and the highly attractive formula lures flies to a quick death. QuickBayt Spot Spray is the next generation of fly bait and is the perfect complement to QuickBayt Fly Bait (imidacloprid). With the same powerful active ingredient, QuickBayt Spot Spray is just as fast and just as powerful — killing flies in less than 60 seconds. And with the added application flexibility of QuickBayt Spot Spray, users can control flies for up to six weeks with an indoor application. QuickBayt Spot Spray is applied directly on th e surfaces where flies tend to rest, such as window sills, ceilings, walls, barn beams, etc., and allows treatment in places that can’t be controlled with conventional granular baits. Application can be made outdoors, indoors, in and around animal facilities — virtually any surface that’s not within reach of consumption by livestock or domestic animals.

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